• Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
  • Favorite TV Show That Takes Place In Indiana: The Middle
  • Favorite Song: Friends theme
  • Favorite Delivery Person: Kevin James
  • Favorite Thing To Order At A Coffee Shop: Pizza
  • Favorite Movie: Grown Ups…just kidding, that’s no one’s favorite movie
  • Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Grape
  • Favorite Sound:  Zoo noises


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Dr. Chuck Ells


Dr. Chuck Ells is the head of the 45TV Institute of Laughter, though much of his life remains a great mystery. Rumored to have grown up in Orson, Indiana living in an upside down satellite dish, it has neither been confirmed nor denied that he ran away from home to join Monty Python’s Flying Circus. As an adolescent he won a local science fair for inventing the popular party game Charades. His love for television blossomed the first time he saw the title sequence to The Brady Bunch and it continued to grow through his formative and increasingly formidable years. He has a degree in Quasi-Sciences from Judge Reinhold’s School for the Gifted and received a degree in Comedy from Idaho Central University - Picabo, though the program dissolved after he graduated. He remains the only person to successfully dissect a television wave and extract the comedic ions.

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